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Meet Keir

Pennsylvanians deserve a champion in the Attorney General’s office — someone who will make it a priority to restore the sense of security and safety to everyday working people. A leader who has spent her life fighting for those too often overlooked, Keir Bradford Grey is the People’s Attorney. Raised in a proud union household, Keir was the first in her family to graduate college. As a young girl, Keir saw the impact the justice system could have on families like hers, and in law school, she dedicated herself to fighting for change.

With the fight for civil and reproductive rights continuing to be front and center, we need an Attorney General in Pennsylvania who is ready to get to work on day one. Keir was appointed by Gov. Josh Shapiro as Chief Defender for Montgomery County and was later hired to lead the state’s largest public defender’s association in Philadelphia, completely transforming the office and overseeing a staff of 500 people and managing a budget of 50 million dollars.

During her time as Chief Defender, Keir took a data-driven approach that challenged old assumptions, redefined the role, reorganized the office and focused resources to fight for true public safety, protect tax dollars, and lay the foundation for effective criminal justice reform.

As Pennsylvania Attorney General, Keir Bradford-Grey will advocate for strong consumer protections and work to ensure that consumers are treated fairly and have access to the resources they need to make informed decisions. Attorneys General have long been leaders in protecting the rights of consumers — Pennsylvanians deserve a tireless fighter in their next chief law enforcement officer.

Throughout her career, Keir has been quick on her feet to ensure that our laws are applied fairly, contemporarily, and with the diverse perspectives and needs of all Pennsylvanians in mind. She has been influential in crafting law theory that advances justice and equality, and her contributions have changed countless lives.